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Criminalising kink: Cameron’s porn crusade

This article is the part of the Index on Censorship Young Writers / Artists Programme By Jonathan Lindsell / 11 April, 2014   Protesters gathered outside a Stop Porn Culture conference in March 2014 organized by Gail Dines. Protesters included porn stars, filmmakers, artists, sex workers and supporters who believe in freedom of expression. Protesters … Continue reading


Embarrassment – V – Humiliation within #BDSM

An experienced Dominant once defined the difference in this way:  Embarrassment is something you do to yourself.   Humiliation is something that someone else does to you.   I’m still thinking about that one, but it’s an interesting way to compare the two. Verbal Humiliation attacks a person’s humanity;  that trait that we call pride.   Whether done … Continue reading

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#Mistresses, #2013, #Essex girls, #slaves & #subs – A discussion

Our annual New Year get together Every year demands an end of year party, traditionally in December. Those of us who work from The fetish Studio will get together and share some wine, laugh and mull over our profession.  Attending were; Josephine Scissons, Master Dresda, Lady Trinity, Mistress Siren and Myself Over some good wine … Continue reading