How to fly (as in airplane) with BDSM related gear

Although the below article is in relation to the USA, I think most Transportation bodies would be the same including the UK & Europe. there is also an interesting article on

Hitting the Road – Traveling with Bondage Toys//

When it comes to flying with clothing and equipment commonly used for BDSM related activities, the applicable TSA rules are no different that rules applied to other items that you may your carry on or checked bags. While the TSA has no rules or restrictions related to clothing, equipment, or other devices commonly used for sexual activity, some items may be restricted from being carried in the aircraft cabin due to existing TSA rules on hazardous and prohibited items.

What is BDSM? 

BDSM is a general term used to describe consensual adult sexual or erotic practices related to bondage, domination, submission, and masochism, and such activities often include the use of specialized clothing and equipment. While BDSM does not require the use of specialized clothing or equipment, it may include the use of sex toys and other devices or equipment.

What kind of equipment is used for BDSM related activities?
The kinds of equipment that can be used for BDSM activities are limited only by the human imagination, and can go far beyond the items described in books such as “Fifty Shades of Grey.” When it comes to air travel, the kinds of BDSM gear that are small enough to be carried in checked or carry on bags, include the following:

  • Paddles, whips, riding crops, slappers, batons, and other striking instruments
  • Handcuffs, ropes, chains, and other restraints
  • Dildos, anal plugs, anal beads, vibrators, and other sex toys
  • Condoms, dental dams, latex gloves, and other protective devices
  • Lubricants, massage oil, and other other liquids, gels, or creams
  • Blindfolds, harnesses, chastity belts, ball gags, and other specialized clothing items
  • Clothespins and other clamps
  • Needles and other piercing instruments
  • Knives and other cutting instruments

Is it legal to carry BDSM gear on aircraft?
In the US, air travel is subject federal laws and regulations, and there are no federal restrictions when it comes to traveling with BDSM related items. However, if those items happen to fall within categories that are restricted from the passenger cabin, you will not be able to wear it, take it beyond the TSA screening area, or place it in your carry on bag. In general, most items that include a blade are only allowed in checked bags, as are items lake large batons that could be used as a weapon; as well as liquids, gels, or aerosols in containers with a capacity greater than 3.4 ounces (100 ml). For details on what items may be restricted to checked baggage, visit the prohibited and restricted baggage items page.

Is it legal to travel internationally with BDSM gear?
In general, when you travel domestically within a country, what you are allowed to carry depend on the laws and regulations of that country. When traveling between countries, what you are able to legally possess will depend on the laws of the country you are traveling from, the country you are traveling to, and any country you may be passing through on the way to your destination. You should check with the appropriate authorities in the countries where you plan to travel to see what you are allowed to carry.

What to do if a TSA agent treats you unfairly?
Although traveling with BDSM gear and sex toys is completely legal in the US, you may still encounter TSA officials whose conduct toward you may be rude, inappropriate, or unprofessional. This may happen in the screening area, or it may happen out of your site if a TSA agent is examining your checked bag. If this happens at a security screening area, you should immediately request to see a supervisor to discuss the matter. If you suspect that TSA may have done something to your checked bag, contact the TSA as soon as possible.
You also have several options for submitting a formal complaint. You could email the TSA’s Contact Center at:, or if you believe you have been the target of discriminatory conduct you contact the TSA Office of Civil Rights and Liberties.
For detailed advice on how to complain about your treatment, you may want to review’s airline complaint resources.

What should you do if other airline or security officials treat you unfairly?
As with the TSA, you should insist that you be treated with fairness and respect when it comes to how officials treat you. If possible, contact an appropriate supervisor or manager as soon as possible to resolve your issue.

Tips for traveling with BDSM gear 

There are a number of common sense things that you can do to protect your sex toys and to limit the likelihood that the TSA will cause you any embarrassment or excessive delays:

  • Tell the truth: If a TSA screener or other security official asks you what is in your baggage just say what it is.
  • Turn items off: If you have any battery-powered items in your carry on bags, make sure they are turned off before you go through your security screening.
  • Remove batteries from checked items: If you have any battery-powered items in your checked bags, remove the batteries before your flight.
  • Put sensitive items in separate clear plastic bags: Keeping items in Ziploc type bags keeps them from being contaminated by handling by TSA screeners or other security officials.
  • Don’t pack banned items: Most sharp items, and liquid filled or gel filled items are typically banned from carry on baggage, but can be packed in checked

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Transexualism, Feminism, and Gender / The Great Transsexual Radical Feminist Menace

Exploring my pc I discovered a couple of articles I had saved on the feminist
criticism of transexuals. They are dated 2008, so obviously some time ago. 
Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to locate the original posts to refer to them. But, I’m going to post them here anyway….

Transexualism, Feminism, and Gender

” As aggressively vitriolic and hurtful as radical feminist
criticism of transexuals often is, I believe that transexuals do themselves a
grave disservice by dismissing that criticism as entirely rooted in blind
transphobia. There is certainly a very strong element of transphobia in certain
quarters of the feminist movement, but even a broken clock is right two times a
day. It is hardly surprising that the majority of transexuals are
heteronormative in terms of their chosen gender presentation and behaviour, but
this becomes exceedingly problematic due to the extremely loud and highly
active minority of transexuals who are militantly heteronormative.

Due to the disparity in visibility between different types
of transexual, there is a very unfortunate illusion that female-to-male
transexuals don’t exist at all and that male-to-female transexuals are mostly
overcompensating super-macho males transitioning into oversexed, hyper feminine
females who insist on absolute conformity to patriarchical norms and the
“Madonna-Whore Complex”. Given that perception, it’s no wonder that
radical feminists tend to brand transexualism as nothing more than a
particularly crazed attempt to invade and subvert the women’s rights movement.
This ugly misunderstanding is exacerbated by the small but extremely vocal
minority of transexuals who condemn non-traditional gender expression as
“perverting” or “diminishing” the meaning of gender itself.
While the vast majority of transexuals do not agree with this militant
conformist position, many of them also do not speak out against it because they
are personally comfortable with traditional gender roles and often fear the
lack of structure involved in a gender deconstructionist world.

It is important to point out that those who are not familiar
with the psychological treatment protocols for transexuals often fail to
realize that a lot of the gender policing in the trans community originates
from behavioural requirements imposed on transexuals by the medical gatekeepers
who control our access to treatment. The Standards of Care for Gender Identity
Disorders mandate that transexuals go through a “real life test” to
demonstrate their gender identity prior to receiving hormone replacement
therapy and sexual reassignment surgery, and the majority of psychologists use
this requirement to demand and enforce gender policed behaviour throughout the
transition period.
Those who have completed the gender transition process are
largely free of the mandates of psychologists, but the intense social and legal
discrimination against them often pushes them into continued gender policing as
a defence mechanism. The safety provided by “stealth” status is in
many ways only an illusion, but it’s very fragility tends to make
“passable” transexuals extremely reactionary towards anything which
has the slightest possibility of outing them. Exercising passing privilege is a
double-edged sword in that living in stealth is living in constant terror of
discovery, and that terror may cause transexuals to betray everything they
should believe in. This is why stealth transpersons often hypocritically adhere
to social conservativism or the transphobic flavour of radical feminism; in
their persecution-induced paranoia, they decide that no one would suspect an
outspokenly transphobic man or woman of being a transexual.
The fearful silence of the “stealth majority” has
given the militant conformists a disproportionate voice within the American
transexual community, and this has produced an distinct tendency towards both
internal and external gender policing behaviour. Relatively few step forward to
challenge the conformists’ dogmatic assertions that that anyone who exhibits
gender variant behaviour is “not really transexual”, that only
transexuals merit treatment because they are “normal”, and that
transexuals who cannot pass should “be realistic” and not transition
because it would trigger witch hunts against those who do pass. To be perfectly
blunt, the militant conformists have chosen to sell out to the very society
which oppresses them, spurning the deconstruction of rigid gender roles which
would set them free, and instead embracing a traitor’s thirty pieces of silver
in the form of passing privilege.
Most transexuals are distinctly uncomfortable with the
extremism of the gender conformists, but they also seem to be unwilling to
completely distance themselves from it. This is probably because the clear
lines and standards drawn by the conformists are reaffirming to those who are
themselves comfortable with gender normativity in the first place; they may not
necessarily agree with excluding others, but they still feel reassured of their
own “belonging”. This is extremely unfortunate because as long as
moderates do not clearly distinguish themselves from extremists, they will
inevitably be smeared with guilt by association. As long as the bulk of the
transexuals who make themselves visible to outsiders are the militant
conformists and those conformists have (or are perceived to have) tacit support
from the majority, it is going to be nearly impossible to refute the assumption
that all or most transexuals are the same way.
The long term solution to these issues is for the current generation
of transexuals to reject the vicious orthoxody of conformist gender policing
and to embrace in its place the freedom of gender deconstruction. This does not
mean that all of us must reject traditional gender expression or stealth concealment
as personal decisions, only that need to cease imposing them on others as moral
imperatives. Just as a feminist may choose to be a housewife while fighting
society’s attempts to force all women to be housewives, so also can a
transexual chose to be gender normative while fighting misguided attempts to
force all transexuals to be gender normative. The bottom line is that there is
no one “correct” form of gender expression which all males or all
females should be required to adhere to; gender expression is a choice, and no
form of it is more valid than another.

Below the “


The Great Transsexual Radical Feminist Menace

In my daily crawl through google alert land, I found a post
over at Egarooo that said:

“I don’t give a shit whether or not they [MTF transsexuals]
want to chop themselves up. I don’t give a shit if they want to wear dresses.
That doesn’t make them female. It doesn’t mean their issues and concerns are
female issues and concerns. So long as female issues and concerns are subsumed
to and absorbed by male interests (as they are when male people call themselves
and are accepted as female), women will never socially realize our full
I responded at the blog with:
“I think your first five words say it all. You don’t give a
shit. Obviously. You follow a belief that it something akin to religion,
because it’s not based on any rational basis, only belief (a belief that isn’t
falsifiable). The science on transsexuality on the other hand, is growing.
Additionally, if you looked at human beings as people and
not objects, you’d not spout such ridiculous stereotypical nonsense. Just
because I’m a transsexual doesn’t mean I’m mentally handicapped. I know what my
biology is. I know what my chromosomes are. But in the big scheme of things,
how many people see your genitals? How do they oppress you, by looking down
your pants? No. We may not be biologically female, but I’m not sure how that matters,
given that oppression is based on gender, not sex.  In the case of transsexuals, gender is the
’social position’, not sex. Those that have ‘the behavioral, cultural, or
psychological traits typically associated with one sex’ (gender), are oppressed
no matter what their genitals are (unless there is some inspection that I just
don’t know about).
But then to your kind, the facts don’t matter. People don’t
matter. The good side of radical feminism is that it is a radical pathology
that will, because of its weaknesses, never gain access to power.”
Under their theory (that the radical feminist goal is to
have female people be acknowledged as BOTH female AND human), it’s biology that
suppresses and oppresses, not gender. But that makes no rational sense. If you
are treated in this world as female, even though you aren’t biologically, how
is that oppression any different? Light skinned African American can have
access to to white privildge because of their skin color. If they are perceived
to be white, they are white in the social sphere. Their biology or lineage have
little impact on their privilege, unless it is publicly known.
What amazes me is the vitriol and anger that is spewed by
these kind of people. It reminds me of the same kind of emotional response that
my Klansman grandfather would have to African Americans. It wasn’t a rational
response, but an emotional one. I just can’t understand the source (in both
“I mean, whoop-de-fucking-doo if a male can call himself
female and have his humanity recognized. What about recognition of the humanity
of female people who actually acknowledge and accept that they are, in fact,
Are these radical feminists removed from society enough to
know that:
A study in the San Francisco Bay Area conducted in 2006 of
194 transgender individuals found a 35% unemployment rate, with 59% earning
less than $15,300 annually.
Nationwide, the rates of employment discrimination against
transgender people are consistently high. A Williams Institute review of six
studies conducted in cities and regions on both coasts and the Midwest, showed
the following ranges for experiences of discrimination based on gender
13%-56% of transgender people had been fired
13%-47% had been denied employment
22%-31% had been harassed, either verbally or physically, in
the workplace – source @ Transgroup blog
I’m not going to play the “my oppression is worse than your
oppression” card, but to insist that we
have our humanity validated is just ludicrous. One look at
Transgender DOR gives you an idea of how well our humanity is validated. But
then it really doesn’t matter to them because they “don’t really give a shit.”
One of my friends wrote the following poem, and it’s always
touched a part inside of me that wants to understand people that have such
hatred in their heart:
for a friend… (Desiree Handley)

i want to sit you down
ask three thousand questions
i don’t understand
where the hate comes from.
i don’t understand
how you put together
those words
in that order
to say the most hurtful
hateful angry things.
i don’t understand
how you’re making sense
of this
in your head.
i don’t understand
the sadness and isolation
lack of self or love
that must be rotting away
inside you.
show me the light
you’ve been using
in what i can only imagine
is the darkness
of your mind.
and if you won’t speak
if you can’t
explain justify rationalize
(anything please,
i’m begging you)
i’m going to open you up
climb inside and
search for some reasoning,
i need evidence
that something made you this way
and then
we’ll go about fixing it.
you presented your self
as human
but yet
i find no humanity.
i’m racking my brain
for a story
of how you came to be
in the archives
of myself, i find
only a single line,
which echoes,
pity this busy monster, man unkind
and i think
how can i pity you?
but mister e.e. cummings
hid the answer
on the next line
which didn’t spring
to mind so quickly,
his words were
pity this busy monster, man unkind,
so please
give me some reason
to believe
you are not this
because i don’t want to
i don’t want to be
you. “

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A rather lovely quote – trans infighting

“All of us, “trans” or not, are on a journey – to
find our authentic selves and find courage to live the lives we want. The word
“transition,” normally used to denote the transition from one gender
role to another, ought to instead refer to a continuous process where one keeps
finding, and implementing, one’s true, self-identified identity, away from
prevailing social expectations.”

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The first TV/CD Support night presented by Support U.

Welcome to the first TV/CD Support night presented by Support U.
This evening is aimed at those wishing to explore the fem-side of their gender expression in a safe and inclusive environment. Come along, meet others in a similar(ish) situation, get some helpful hints and tips from people that can help you out and enjoy some tea and biscuits.
We have space for you to change here if you wish, or come as you are. Partners and supportive allies welcome if you want to bring them along. Don’t feel that you have to dress up, coming drab is completely fine.
DATE: 17th December 2015
TIME: 19:00 – 22:00
WHERE: Support U – Resource service for LGBT in Thames Valley

ADDRESS: 15 Castle Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 7SB.

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