The Lady of the manor and her ponyboy

I received an email from Eric today… He wanted to play a game. A role-play game.
Eric’s character was going to be called ‘Alex’, a junior stable boy under the employment of Lady Leyla. 
Alex has secrets. Alex loves to dress in women’s clothing. It is Alex’s day off and he has snuck into the woods on the manor houses grounds in his feminine clothes and is enjoying his favorite pass time of playing with his ass. He gets caught by the Lady of the Manor.

Reading this little scenario gave me ideas. It wasn’t going to be a simple ‘”Bad boy alex, what are you doing? You will be punished!” Oh no! Alex was really going to get it. 

Since Alex was going to be under my employment as a stable boy, he was going to have to wear a butt-plug with a horse tail attached to it. A nice long swishy tail – I am laughing as I write this… He was going to have to swish his butt to get the tail to swish. He was also going to have to really clench to stop the tail falling off. I will not have my amusement hampered by prop failures. This was going to be amusing. 

When planning a scenario, I try to imagine all the things I could do which are going to amuse me. 
The tail was one prop I would need to make….

So, Alex likes to wear womens clothing…. Normally, when men choose the clothing it will fall under the tags of either what they perceive as slutty – black, red, leopard print trashy Essex girl of the 80’s, or what their mothers would have worn in the 60’s – with green eyeshadow. No kidding. I sometimes wonder when they stopped examining real women, because believe me, real women would not be seen dead in what most of these guys enjoy wearing and truly believe they look femme. But I’m digressing…..

Alex was going to wear very high heels – trying to walk in these in the grass outdoors was going to be funny….. So black heels. To compliment them, fishnet tights – tights because it will help keep his tail in place. Padded bra with insert ables and a flowing, short mini dress…. Love knobbly knees..

I like clients to prepare themselves for the start of a session. I will leave instruction and the clothing I want them to wear ready for wear ready for when they arrive. So Eric arrived to a note, his clothing and tail ready, he had to be dressed and outside in the garden within 5 minutes… in the meantime, I enjoyed a tea and cigarette – watching from a distance. Why? Because I find it highly amusing watching a man attempting to correctly wear womens clothing – it is always an epic fail.

Eric had offered several ideas on how he could be punished, what could happen to his charater, how the scene could end.This is usually the client’s do-s and don’ts.  

Time was almost up. I sent a text to Master Drezda who was in the main house. He was to come up and discovered Alex with me. Something Eric didn’t know was going to happen.

I strolled into the garden. Alex was lying in the grass playing with his tail. Part of being a Pro domme is learning how to keep a straight face. Never let them see you laughing, unless of course, thats what they wanted. As I neared Alex, Master Drezda also approached. We stood together and hollered “What on earth is going on?”

Realising the scenario he had outlined in his mind was now defunct, Eric froze. 

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